Money Vault

Money VaultMoney Vault is a first person game putting you in the action of a big money, studio based game show. Fifty bank cards line the Money Vault's walls. Your goal: stack ten cash cards from lowest value to highest value to win the entire amount of your bank. If you draw a Bail Card, you have a chance to leave with some of your bank. You have two Key Cards to help you out, but one mistake and you leave with nothing. Can you beat the Money Vault? No actual cash prizes are awarded.
Select one of the 50 cards on the walls. 40 are "Cash Cards" and ten are "Bail Cards". If you select a "Cash Card" you may place its value in one of the ten available slots. The cards must be stacked from lowest in slot 1 to highest in slot 10. If all ten slots are filled, you win your bank. Otherwise, you get nothing.

If you select a Bail Card, you may leave with a portion of your bank. Each new Bail Card will add 5% to the value of your bank that you may leave with.

You are given two Key Cards to use at any time if you get stuck. "Pass" lets you pass the Cash Card drawn. "Swap" lets you swap a value already placed for the card you drew.
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