Twenty9You take control of 'slug', a master air jumping mollusk, sent in to each of the '29' to retreive the golden spinners.

Problem is, the water is rising!

You must make your way to the top of each level to enter the exit pod, whilst collecting golden spinners along the way - and trying to pick up bonus spinners in awkward spots. Avoid water at all costs!

Can you make it to level 29 ?
Avoid drowning or shrivelling up in the saltwater by jumping up along platforms, ledges, movers and jump pads. Collect golden spinners along the way, and reach the end pod at the top of the level to whisk you safely away. Use water pausing levers to give you a break or a head start, and navigate your way north using switches and opening doors.

Gain medals for each level (depending on collected items), and complete all levels in each phase before you can continue onwards.

Use the mouse to navigate main menus, and the mouse or keyboard to navigate mid-level menus.

Use left arrow key to go left, right arrow to go right, and up arrow to jump. Tapping up arrow twice you will double jump, three times to triple jump.
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