Horror Nights

Horror NightsUpdate:
Load Up Faster
Fix Upgrade and Costumes Bug
Change Big Image
Added New Alternate Costumes for Nerd
Change all the Nerd Button Images to Alternate Costumes Nerd
Change the Level Select Screen
Added a New Level 1
Added to the Pause Screen
Added Random Jokes to Pause Screen
Added FullScreen Mode (F4 = Fullscreen/Window)
Added 1 New Password
Made Happy Town/Level 7 Easier
Only Take 3mb now

A boy named Nerd headed out of Happy Town unknowing to him he was entering the town of Halloween Night a town filled with monsters and magic.

He heard a loud sound. He started to run without looking ramming into someone! It was a werewolf! The Nerd screamed and turned around only to find a vampire sneaking up on him.

Then a witch flew past the vampire and grabbed the Nerd. The Nerd screamed! And pushed away the witch and fell into a lagoon.

The fish monster tried to eat him. But before he did the Nerd started to run as fast as he could. He was in the center of town when he saw a CD just floating there.

He felt a force pulling him to it. This was the same feeling he had when he woke up today. The monsters were now around him, he took the CD pulling every monster within.
Left/right arrow = moves
Space = Jump
Z = Attack

Player 2
Num 4, Num 6, = moves
O = Jump
I = Attack
P = Pause
F12 = Return to menu

Grab CD to turn into other monsters
Defeat enemies to earn money
  • Action
  • Adventure
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